How to build a learning tower

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Food is known to bring families together, who usually gather around a table to enjoy their meals. However, the magic of food doesn’t have to start when you eat it, but when you cook it, of course. And there is definitely something wonderful about cooking with your toddlers! We know you might be scared of them making a big mess or, worse, getting hurt. But we promise that, when done right, there are actually tons of benefits to get from this activity.

Thiago, as many children, is very curious about what we are doing on the kitchen counter. I wanted to include him in our cooking preparations and he wanted to be included, too.

Together we enjoy baking cookies, bread and pastry. It is easy and it doesn’t require special tools or equipment. Little hands, a bowl, and a few ingredients. It is safe and Thiago loves to get messy =) while we cook we practice naming the ingredientes, transferring liquids and solids from one place to another, cleaning and organizing. He learns by doing and having fun!

Here’s how we built ours :

See you soon with more CocoToy adventures. Viviana

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