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Welcome to CocoToy! We are Viviana and my son Thiago

(of course my husband who support us too Nathan =)


I am a former corporate world worker turned social entrepreneur. After being away from my home country, Colombia, for over fourteen years, I moved back to found Cada Vida, a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women thru job opportunities and training. 

I have always found myself being concerned about the welfare of others and continuously have thrust myself into situations where I am trying to “do something” to make an impact to improve society.  I view myself an innovative social entrepreneur, and moreover, one that is dedicated to finding sustainable, scalable solutions.

Two years ago, I moved to Amsterdam where I had my son Thiago.

One of our first questions was about education. We wondered, What steps should we be taking during our children's earliest years to support their development? Like many first-time parents, we researched different methods—from Montessori and Waldorf to more traditional schooling—only to come to the obvious conclusion: young children learn and grow through play. And toys help to facilitate that learning and play.

We set off to find the perfect toys—toys that were educational and fun, durable and affordable. At the same time, we were concerned about the environmental impact of continuously buying new toys that our children might not use for very long. The more time and money we spent looking for the perfect toy (and the more cluttered our homes became), the more we realized there had to be a better way...and that's when we got the idea for CocoToy!


Now that we've done the research and collected the "perfect" toys, we want to share them with other families. We've created an easy, affordable service that allows your children to discover different toys and develop new skills, while also supporting practices of mindful consumption and a circular economy. CocoToy is not just a toy rental service; it is a way of life and a community for like-minded parents who want to create a better future for our children. We believe small steps make the real, sustainable changes in this world.


We are delighted to have you join our CocoToy club! We know that we're going to learn a lot of from each other, because it takes a village to raise a child.

Viviana & Thiago