COCOTOY is a toy rental monthly service for children from 0 up to 5 years old. 

COCOTOis a toy rental monthly service for children from 0 up to 5 years old. 


1. Join CocoToy

Sign up and choose your rental plan. Every month we curate a box of toys to match your child's stage of development, then deliver it right to your door.

2. Play

Your custom CocoToy pack will include 4 high quality, age-appropriate toys designed to inspire learning and creativity. Have fun discovering new ways to play!

3. Return & Play

At the end of the month we pick up the toys your child is finished playing with and bring you a new box of preloved toys to explore and enjoy.

What’s inside your COCOTOY box

Each month your CocoToy kits will include 4 preloved toys that are carefully chosen to match your child’s age and developmental needs.


Toys are suitable for children ages 0 months to 5 years old. You can expect sanitary, well-made toys that are designed to support the growth of fine motor, cognitive, and social skills and spark your child’s imagination!

Save time: We’ve assembled a collection of high-quality, educational toys so that you can spend less time shopping for toys and more time on learning and play.


Save money: Instead of buying new toys that are forgotten after a few days, our affordable rental plans allow your family to try a variety of toys and keep only the ones your child loves best.


Reduce clutter: We limit CocoToy kits to 4 toys to ensure that clean-up time is easy and your child isn’t overwhelmed.


Reduce waste: Renting and reusing preloved toys helps keep new toys out of the landfill and models mindful consumer habits for children.

Why join the COCOTOY club

Parents talking about COCOTOY

My name is Windlamita and I have a 15-month-old baby. The first time Viviana told me about the CocoToy boxes, I just fell in love with the idea. It was exactly THE answer to many of my concerns. It has been 3 years now that my husband and I have made a major change to our consumption habits. We are trying to reduce waste in every part of our life, but trying to be conscious parents is not easy. There are so many options for educational toys and we never know what toys our child will actually like. How can I support my daughter's development without falling into the trap of overconsumption? CocoToy solves this problem. Thanks to the monthly boxes, I don't have to buy and keep lots of toys—rental is so much better and lets us try a variety of toys each month. I also love the idea that these toys will have several lives in different homes and other families will get to enjoy them! With CocoToy, I choose ethic consumption AND educational diversity. I can't wait to receive the next box and to create fun memories with my daughter.

Anna & Windy


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